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NWP-IDBDR 2016 – Days 5 & 6

Start: Boundary Dam Campground
End: Bonners Ferry, ID  Best Western Hotel
So Far: 698 miles
Today: 184 miles
Weather: Front moving through. A little wind, some showers. Monday on the edge. After that, nice.

This is our rest day. Actually , it shows as two days, but it was mostly highway riding on the first day. We timed it to hit both the Cougs game and the Seahawks game. On the way, we stopped to pick up some tools and supplies for the stabilizer reassembly. The terrain was pretty rough in the NAPA parking lot and Scott took a tumble on one of the more challenging parts


We arrived at the Best Western that Kim scored for us in Bonners ferry about 5 pm or so. Thanks Kim. We had a decadent dinner with a glass of wine to celebrate our arrival at where we would be starting the official IDBDR.
The Cougs lost. Bummer.

On Sunday, we had a fantastic Brunch and then went out to see if I could get the stabilizer installed before the Seahawks game started. I loosened up the triple clamps that hold the handle bars in place and slid the assembly up hoping I wouldn’t need to disassemble everything. It worked. Now I could get access to the recessed fastener that was impossible before. I had to rig a limited clearance tool setup that just barely made it.


Working a tiny bit at a time, I was able to get it cinched up. You can see the Locktite blue thread locking chemical at the top. Here is the finished job. A quick test and everything is AOK.



Now I am taking a break to watch the Seahawks win!
YAAAÝÝ SEAHAWKS WIN… In a scarey finish.

Now have to do some laundry.

Tomorrow we start on the official IDBDR. We hope to make it to Wallace.

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    That is a great photo of TTY!!! Love it!

    September 25, 2016 at 12:34 pm

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